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Who we are

Looking for real estate investments or potential investors, to which you can sell your property?

We guide you in all phases of the real estate sale or purchase. The foundation is based on the years of experience in renting, optimization and development of commercial and residential buildings, as well as the grown and consolidated network that has resulted from this expertise.

This network includes global investors, institutional investors, banks, family offices and regional and supraregional individuals. Because of the individuality of each property and the people involved, we develop an appropriate strategy with you to achieve your goal as best as possible.

As a foundation for the mutual success, our team has a high intrinsic claim to professional quality and empathy.

Our team

Thomas Kunz

Akquise Commercial

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Roland Schulze

Akquise Residential

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i.A. Markus Schneider


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Marco Ziegler


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Boris Mäckler


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