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Kunz-Schulze Through The Years


10 year of high level on-the job trining are paying out. Jan Kampmann as our companies new shareholder is a big benefit for Kunz-Schulze. The business area developing is growing balanced and we are specializing on niche products. We are happy to have Peter Mauritz strengthened as our main architect.


2017 After 23 years we get a new office furniture equipment for the anniversary – of course Fengshui planned! Mr Kampmann is on the target stretch and is being carefully prepared for his new role as a shareholder. Our new service Kunz-Schulze Concierge enjoys a rich demand – a “man or woman” for everything, to the keys of the desired property worldwide. That is our claim.


Dart_S-klein2016 is a year of concentration, restructuring and reorientation of Kunz-Schulze. We will push the development area as well as the real estate investment department through Marco Ziegler, who has matured to a fixed size as a shareholder. With a new training offensive, Kunz-Schulze will enable eight young people to start their careers in the real estate sector. One of the most important tasks that companies have.


In 2015, six apprentices will start their real estate career with Kunz-Schulze. Since 1998, when Mrs. Brigitte Richter was trained as a real estate agent, we promote and demand our employees with a high standard of their qualifications. We especially thank Ms. Wolf for her great diligence. We wish you every success in your new life’s work.


fuer_UnternehmenshistorieLike a good wine, we continue to mature and start a new business, Commercial Real Estate Management. Thanks to Roland Schulze, our own new construction project in Heidelberg is about to be realized. The two former apprentices Michael Pellinghoff and Thomas Gierich found their own company Pell-Rich Immobilien. On the 1st of April this year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary.


MZ-e1459438140243_small2013 is certainly one of the happiest years of Kunz-Schulze Immobilien: We remain true to our philosophy and expand our company around Marco Ziegler. Shared fun and success play an important role for us. We therefore recognize the work of particularly loyal employees and involve them in the company.


Bahnhof_und_Timepark__2__02_smallThe office project PARKOFFICE, with a pre-leasing rate of 95%, is already being sold to Hamburg Trust for roughly € 24.5 million in its shell state. Kunz-Schulze uses its many years of experience in this project development. Real estate investments in Heidelberg and Baden-Baden expand the disciplined success story. Marco Ziegler is growing into a permanent member of the team. Kunz-Schulze looks more closely at the “Time Park” property on the southern side of the main train station.


erfolg_03-e1459438286316_smallKunz-Schulze is awarded with the „Flowfact-Award“as one of the most innovative real estate companies for the third time in a row. With the term „Join the national division of real-estate“and our trainee programs, we attract attention throughout Germany. The motto is: we never stop getting better!


DSC04329_3326_kleinWith PARKOFFICE at a top spot in Karlsruhe, Kunz–Schulze will use the know-how to realise the project. The new office project will arise out of expansion of the already existing „LBBW“building. With over twenty qualified employees the new „First-class“- Service gets started.


The marketing of the Heine logistics space with approximately 33,000m² was successful as a real estate investment in London. This year, Mr. Kunz focuses on finding the sought-after office space in the new building of PSD Bank Karlsruhe on Mendelsohnplatz. Mr. Schulze’s focus is on the purchase of apartment buildings, which are sold as condominiums again.


historie14_03The annual motto “Design your Life” continues to inspire us to look to the future and pursue our long-term goals. With Sascha Wessnitzer and Samira Meghriche we welcome two extremely diligent apprentices in the Kunz-Schulze team. We know that a company is only as good as its employees. Therefore, it remains our clear desire to promote and develop these without “ifs and buts”.


historie13_03The most successful year (2006) of Kunz-Schulze has just come to an end, as well as Mr. Henrich announces a career change: At the turn of the year he takes a new challenge at Hust & Herbold real estate. Kunz-Schulze has already accompanied five employees on their way to becoming a real estate diploma. VWA or real estate agent DIA.


historie12_small“Turn the Key” is the annual motto under which new long-term goals are developed taking into account the ISO certification. “Total quality management” (TQM) is the holistic approach to increasing customer satisfaction, which we introduce and consistently implement. “We do not stop to get better” is the convention of Kunz-Schulze.


Medion DIGITAL CAMERAFifteen people are now employed by us. The individual departments work with passion and competence on new goals. Also in 2006, we have planned one or the other surprise to revive the Karlsruhe real estate market with well-tried innovation.


Sekt_smallThe tenth anniversary in 2004 motivates us and leads to a higher goal within the company. We consistently implement strategic employee and corporate planning for the long-term development of junior staff.


img_haus_03_smallIn November 2003, we are taking a big step forward: after five years at the ZKM location, the company moves to Rüppurrer Straße. The new office with 350m² will be rented long term. Frauke Helble and Brigitte Richter, who learned their trade in property marketing at Kunz-Schulze, found their own company Helble-Richter Immobilien OHG. It will certainly soon achieve its first successes.


Feuerwerk_03-e1459325089965_smallOur company has existed for eight years now. Mr. Kunz completes his training as International Qi Maq-Dipl. Feng Shui consultant succeeds. Kunz-Schulze achieves the best operating result in its history and in the summer celebrates the first “Kunz-Schulze Summernight” with 130 guests.


csm_historie7_03_8cc02659deKunz-Schulze has established itself as a professional for the marketing of office space on the Karlsruhe market. A new employee strengthens the residential property sector. Through a consistent training program, the qualification of employees in our company is specifically strengthened.


csm_historie6_03_10b76ebf7dThe founding of Werthaus Concept GmbH marks a new section at Kunz-Schulze. The independent company makes it possible, together with W & N GmbH, to build terraced and semi-detached houses. A construction area in Achern with eighteen houses will be successfully completed over two years.


csm_historie5_03_f693f64cabWe manage to successfully complete the letting of the EnBW headquarters. We are significantly increasing the supply of refurbished old-style apartments. Immo-Aktiv GbR therefore becomes a mainstay of Kunz-Schulze.


csm_Fenrich_03_b6baa52f00Kunz-Schulze relocates its headquarters to Brauerstraße and continues to expand. The Karlsruhe Lord Mayor Heinz Fenrich holds the opening speech at the new location. From now on, the brokerage office is instrumental in the development of the former IWKA site. So Mr. Kunz manages the relocation of the company 1 & 1 to the Brauerboulevard. With the office building “L 29”, the office district of Karlsruhe is expanding with another highlight.


csm_historie3_af4c34f163Kunz-Schulze receives the order to lease the second construction phase of the EnBW headquarters with 20,000 m² of office space and is looking forward to this new challenge.


csm_Bergsteigerhilfe_vernonwilley_ed68d01ef7In 1996, the Kunz-Schulze team already has five employees. Two years of diligence are rewarded, as Kunz-Schulze has become the name for dedicated and competent brokerage in Karlsruhe. With one of the first Facility Management programs at the European Real Estate Academy, Thomas Kunz expanded his real estate expertise.


csm_historie2_2a3ad4e0acFounded in 1994, Kunz-Schulze Immobilien has experienced a rapid rise since its founding. After the training of the two gentlemen Thomas Kunz and Roland Schulze at the German real estate academy (DIA) in Freiburg to the real estate diploma (VWA), the company grows in a remarkable way in no time. Since then, Mr. Schulze has been responsible for the residential real estate sector and Mr. Kunz is still responsible for the commercial sector.